Technology and the Creative Mind

I am starting this post with an epiphany that I just had in the bathroom. It’s a little odd to have your most elegant and profound ideas within a bathroom, but I know I am not the only one to have them there. Have you ever figured out how to solve a problem, or come up with a novel idea while taking a shower? Perhaps you were working on a crossword or sudoku puzzle, put it down for a minute, then picked it back up only to realize what you needed to do to solve it?

My epiphany is this: The undistracted mind will sow the seeds of creativity. This got me immediately thinking about what distracts the mind. I realized this when I was not on my phone. I like keeping up with my friends and family through Facebook. I like reading updates on things through Twitter. I like playing games on my phone. All these things I do distract me from being bored, even if for a moment. You can expand these distractions to browsing on the internet, watching TV, listening to the radio, etc. Technology can hamper the creative mind if it is used to distract it.

I’m not going to “go dark”, so to speak, after making this realization. I am going to be more mindful of it when I need to be creative, or want to try and solve some seemingly impossible problem. I know you cannot force this process, but you can give yourself more opportunities to have creative ideas. I am going to give my mind more opportunities to be undistracted, so it has a chance to speak to me.

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