Writing Exercise (a changeup)

I am currently out of ideas for characters and items to write about. I gave myself the weekend, and I am still drawing a blank with this exercise. Instead of trying to force the issue, or worse, ignore it altogether, I am going to write a little on why I decided to do this exercise and how I feel about it. I may not cover all the bases, but that is fine. The intent of this very post is to just get me writing something. I am not a practiced writer. I never really liked the chore of doing it, and it is a chore for me. Everything from emails, to note taking, to thank you cards I have never liked the act of writing. I have always liked the outcome of what I write; however, getting to that point has never been easy for me. Since I am a computer programmer by trade, I write tons of stuff every day. I don’t know if I would go so far as to say that programming is easier than writing, but I don’t have as many mental blocks writing code as I do writing a story. I never really took notes when I was in school. I usually did really well in tests. I hated book reports when I was in school. I am doing this because I want to change this aspect about myself. I don’t want to have as much difficulty writing stuff down on paper, so I can free it from my mind. There is one writing technique that I have tried before with some success called free writing. You basically write whatever comes to mind for a set amount of time. Technically, there is no failure; if you didn’t write anything down in a given time frame, you evidently had nothing come to mind. You always write something, though, even if it is literally “nothing”. I am free writing now, hence the wall of text. If any of you backed the Double Fine Adventure kickstarter, and have watched the videos of them making the game, you will notice that Tim Schafer does free writing. He has many notebooks filled. I think he does it a little different, since he is a game designer and uses that technique to come up with ideas such as title names for a game, game mechanics, character names, setting ideas, etc. I may start using this as an alternative to what I have been doing if I cannot come up with any character or item ideas.

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