Writing Exercise


  • Even heroes look forward to the weekend.
  • She batted her eyelashes and tossed her handkerchief to the ground; I was in love.
  • I ain’t ever seen a cowboy wear a pink hat before.
  • His blinding speed, and precision strikes were no match to his lumbering opponent.
  • Keep a wide berth from amateur wizards casting spells unless you don’t mind being in the fallout.


  • Explosions are pretty cool, and if anyone says otherwise, they are lying.
  • You must retrieve the amulet from the temple before the cult does or the world will end!
  • The temple towered over the jungle, and was likely older as well.
  • The volcano spewed forth a demon of ash and fire.
  • It seems to me that the reason why calculus is so difficult is mostly because of all the symbols you need to remember.

I am noticing that I am starting to have difficulty coming up with different characters and items that seem interesting. I don’t want to start writing sentences like “Superman is invincible!” or “My cup has water for me to drink.” Those are too boring, and will lead me to just stop writing like this altogether. I am only in the 3rd exercise of this experiment. Perhaps the weekend will clear my head. Even heroes look forward to the weekend.

If you know of any other writing exercises, please leave a comment!

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