Dresden RPG

Today I got to play the Dresden Files RPG for the first time today. The system is really interesting in that it emphasizes narrative over mechanics. The same people who made this game also made the Fate Core RPG system. If you have not heard of this system before, I highly suggest you check it out. Our rag-tag group consists of an upper class supernatural beast hunter from South Africa, an initiate of the magical arts, a werewolf punk, and a wizard hobo on the run from the White Council. The setting takes place in Austin TX. The current issue is that not only has Austin become popular with the general public over the last few years, but the supernatural find it very appealing as well. So far the story has taken us to a coffee shop with an unsuccessful drive-by shooting, a fraternity house with a seemingly friendly vampire, and a park with bad magical juju and a very fast supernatural creature. This is going to be a fun game.

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