Writing Exercise


  • The gambler tilted his hat, and gave a wry smile just before he rolled the dice.
  • The tribesmen were a primitive people, but I have never seen anyone learn our technology as fast as them, even when compared to our own children.
  • The man spoke in a language no ears on planet earth have heard, since he was not in his own time.
  • Madame Amorie succeeded in pilfering the key from the unaware consul.
  • I have never seen a man with crazy hair and even crazier eyes run as fast or as naked; it cannot be unseen.


  • The crystal glowed a brilliant blue that lit the cavern in an eerie light.
  • The rock from the cliff face broke way and fell toward the ocean, eventually splashing out of sight.
  • The banquet was full of food and life and was big enough to be remembered for generations.
  • The report said that the submarine sank due to an explosion, but there was no indication that actually happened upon inspecting the sub itself.
  • The more mysterious something is, the more the audience wants to know about it.

If anyone knows of any other writing exercises please leave a comment!

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