Writing Exercise

I came across this post not too long ago talking about a writing exercise: http://ryanmdanks.com/?p=468

Instead of 10 sentences for characters, and 10 sentences for items, I am going to scale it back to 5 sentences each. I may forego the paragraphs altogether. The idea is to do this daily, but I am taking this one post at a time.


  • The commander’s grim face with a scar that runs through his right eye lets you know that he has seen some shit in his day.
  • Her lips pouted, and her eyes pleaded; she was a sight for sore eyes, but she wanted something, something big.
  • The figure was barely perceptible in the shadows with the eyes glowing, betraying their position in the darkness.
  • He pulled the rope with all his strength, his muscles protesting, but he was not going to let go.
  • He… it made a sound so guttural, so primal, I knew then it wasn’t human.


  • The liquid was turbulent within the vial, and glowed with the most iridescent colors.
  • The blade was stronger than any other steel, sharper than any razor, and our enemy has it in his hilt.
  • 20 years ago, only a few fortunate souls were introduced to the idea of the internet, now it is one of the biggest avenues for a business to do business.
  • You would be surprised how much sentiment a heart shaped PCB with some blinking lights would bring to someone.
  • The chest could potentially be the most mysterious thing in any role playing game since it could hold treasure, trash, or be a monster itself.
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One Response to Writing Exercise

  1. Jayde-Ashe says:

    Cool exercise, I like what you came up with!

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