Google Buzz

Out of nowhere, Google decides to release Buzz, which is a social network utility that is deeply integrated all things google. Go to your gmail account, and you will notice under the inbox is a Buzz link. Post something insightful and upload a picture through picasa. Have a blog on Blogger?  Google found it, and suggests to put it as a link on your profile. Everything is connected.

While I don’t believe that currently Google is bring anything really new to the table, the fact that this service is deeply integrated into the Google platform will guarantee a lot of instant exposure that twitter, facebook, myspace, friendster, etc. never had the luxury of. Secondly, if this is executed well, This may be the time I switch to using gmail exclusively. There are so many features that gmail currently has, even before Buzz, that makes it hard not to use the service.

It is as if Google Buzz is Google Wave for the consumer. The potential for collaboration is there, but it seems a bit more loose and less immediate in sending/retrieving information.

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